An Open Letter About Pi Day, March 14, 2021

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Does pi have a role of within the emergence of the universe, especially the first moments and seconds?

Max Planck’s base units were ostensibly ignored for over 100 years. Today, we recognize their reality notwithstanding those four numbers could radically change our understanding of things with these four working assumptions:

  1. The four Planck base units manifest as a basic building block that is an infinitesimal sphere many orders of magnitude smaller than neutrinos.
  2. This sphere is further defined by pi, cubic-close packing of equal spheres and the Fourier Transform.
  3. Planck Time, 5.391 16(13)×10-44 seconds, defines a rate of expansion at 539.116 tredecillion units per second.
  4. Apply base-2 to that expansion and all those spheres and the universe are encapsulated within 202 notations, the first 64 being well-below the reach of measuring devices. Notation-1 is the first sphere and it is the first moment in time. The current time is within Notation-202. A chart of those numbers encapsulates everything, everywhere, for all time. 

We begin to learn about a new aether, dark energy and dark matter, and the basis of homogeneity and isotropy which ultimately will help mitigate our inherent proclivity toward solipsism.

Happy Pi Day:

Conclusions: The three primary facets of pi and of life — continuity, symmetry, and harmony — are the definition of the essential structure of the sphere, which ultimately give rise to the very structures of our little universe. It all starts superconductingly cold. Yes, and, these facets manifest the deepest nature of the finite and the infinite.

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