Sunday, 14 March 2021

Pi Day throughout our world
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Dear cosmology and theoretical physics aficionado:

Might we take as a given: A key structure of the universe is an infinitesimal sphere defined by the Planck base units. It is, of course, orders of magnitude smaller than any particle. What can we say about that sphere? These twelve points go to a summary document ( ).
[1] It is defined by pi (π).
[2] It could be defined by the Planck base units, Stoney Units, or Primordial Units.
[3] It is defined by the other dimensionless constants that define those units.
[4] This very-first infinitesimal sphere is never-ending, never-repeating, always the same and forever changing in relations to all other spheres.
[5] This quality redefines continuity. It creates order and numbers and it is the first moment of time and the very nature of time.

[6] Now, to better visualize this event, know that the rate at which these spheres are manifesting could well be defined by Planck Time: 539 tredecillion spheres per second.
[7] Sphere stacking necessarily begins, but this is just the beginning.

[8] The second quality of this most-infinitesimal sphere is its symmetries which create relations which create space. Think of cubic-close packing of equal spheres.

[9] Continuity and symmetry are simple perfections.

[10] Focusing on cubic-close packing (ccp) and the creation of lines, tetrahedrons and octahedrons, many different types of symmetries emerge including an imperfect five-tetrahedral cluster and an imperfect five-octahedral cluster or a twenty-tetrahedral cluster and each of these will become systemic or ontic, and quantum fluctuations within given notations will manifest.

[11] A third quality of spheres is harmony and it, too, is a simple perfection.
[12] With this image, pi and spheres are dynamic, extending through time. Initially the Fourier Transform then other integral transforms, we are now researching the many possible faces of it and the harmonic functions that could be uniquely created.

We’ve applied base-2 to order these spheres and there are 202 notations from the first instant to the current time. If Notation #1 is close to absolute zero, by the notation-136, the temperature has risen high enough for the Quark-Gluon plasma processes to begin. By Notations-143-to-144, the first second of the universe is defined. Agreeing with Neil Turok and James Peebles (Princeton, Nobel 2019) that big bang cosmology is wrong, this cold-start model is more like Lemaitre’s original concept of 1927.

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