Vilenkin, Alexander

Alexander Vilenkin


Director of the Institute of Cosmology
Tufts University (STEM)
Medford, Massachusetts

Articles:The Beginning of the Universe
ArXiv: Hessian eigenvalue distribution in a random Gaussian landscape
Books:  Many Worlds in One: The Search for Other Universes
CV  Google Scholar

Most recent email: 16 January 2019

“We live in the aftermath of a great explosion—the big bang—that occurred 13.7 billion years ago. At the time of the big bang, the universe was filled with a fireball, a dense mixture of energetic particles and radiation. For nearly a century, physicists have been studying how the fireball expanded and cooled, how particles combined to form atoms, and how galaxies and stars were gradually pulled together by gravity.” -AV, The Beginning of the Universe

Dear Prof. Dr. Alexander Vilenkin:

Thank you for your scholarship and the pursuit of intellectual integrity. Please excuse me if my questions seem in any way too direct or offensive:

  1. Is big bang cosmology still the best model?
  2. Isn’t Newton’s absolute space-and-time assumed, and is it the best model?
  3. Could there a natural inflation from the Planck scale? The numbers using base-2 are interesting:
  4.  Could a doubling mechanism originate within the dimensionless constants, especially from light — and the Planck Charge?

Thank you.
Most sincerely,

P.S. I write to scholars. I have also written about these four questions to Claus Keifer (Cologne) and Stephen Louis Adler (IAS) and all three of you are referenced on this homepage.

First email: Saturday, October 13, 2018

Dear Prof. Dr. Alexander Vilenkin:

In doing a survey this morning of your body of work, particularly the idea of quantum creation from a quantum vacuum, the mechanisms of symmetry breaking, phase transitions and topological defects ( and cosmic strings), I know you will think that what we are doing is just foolishness. It all started back in a New Orleans high school, so I would love somebody of your depth and breadth to get us back within the mainstream.

We just started out so naively, we forged our own way.

We have five assumptions about this universe: (1) the Planck base units are the best numbers to begin a study of the universe, (2) Length-and-Time and Mass-and-Charge are the basic four concepts, (3) thrust is given within light, within the never-ending, never-repeating dimensionless constants that define those base units, and also within Planck Charge, (4) an infinitesimal sphere best describes the first manifestation of physicality and we call it a plancksphere, and (5) these units, the thrust, and the spheres become the mechanism for doublings.

Our summary of those statements is here:

We started with Zeno’s paradox and simple geometries and it got out of control over the past seven years!

Might we hear from you?

Most sincerely,


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