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Most recent email: March 11, 2021, 4:56 PM

Dear Prof. Dr. Juan Maldacena:

Does pi have a role of within emergence, especially the first moments and seconds of the universe?

Max Planck’s base units were ostensibly ignored for over 100 years. Today, we recognize their reality notwithstanding those four numbers could radically change our understanding of things with these four working assumptions:

  1. The four Planck base units manifest as a basic building block that is an infinitesimal sphere many orders of magnitude smaller than neutrinos.
  2. This sphere is further defined by pi, cubic-close packing of equal spheres and the Fourier Transform.
  3. Planck Time, 5.391 16(13)×10-44 seconds, defines a rate of expansion at 539.116 tredecillion units per second.
  4. Apply base-2 to that expansion and all those spheres and the universe are encapsulated within 202 notations, the first 64 being well-below the reach of measuring devices. Notation-1 is the first sphere and it is the first moment in time. The current time is within Notation-202. A chart of those numbers encapsulates everything, everywhere, for all time. 

We begin to learn about a new aether, dark energy and dark matter, and the basis of homogeneity and isotropy which ultimately will help mitigate our inherent proclivity toward solipsism.

Happy Pi Day: https://81018.com/challenge/

Conclusions: The three primary facets of pi and of life — continuity, symmetry, and harmony — are the definition of the essential structure of the sphere, which ultimately give rise to the very structures of our little universe. It all starts superconductingly cold. Yes, and, these facets manifest the deepest nature of the finite and the infinite.

Warm regards,

PS. I try to keep uninvited emails to a minimum, no more than one per year. I’ve reached my limit!  With a smile… -BEC

Second email: Thursday, June 9, 2020, 4:56 PM

Dear Prof. Dr. Juan Maldacena:

Where might I find your best explanation for the very nature of quantum fluctuations? Thank you.



PS Congratulations on the Cornell lecture (2014) of that rendered these statements. Marvelous:

You know, who would have thought that quantum mechanics has something to do with the large scale structure of the universe? It’s amazing. And actually the derivation of the spectrum of fluctuations is relatively simple. It’s really time dependent harmonic oscillator. I highly recommend to all of you to read this derivation, because it’s, I think, one of the amazing things in physics.

Now, what I’d like to emphasize is the fact that these primordial fluctuations are nearly scale invariant. And if the universe had expanded exactly with constant acceleration there would be exactly scale invariant, but the expansion rate was slowing down a little bit and inflation eventually ended, and so they are nearly scale invariant.

What this is saying is that the probability amplitude for having a sudden fluctuation is independent of the size of the fluctuation. So the probability of, let’s say, having a fluctuation, which is the size of the universe, and one which is a quarter of the size of the universe, is the same, if both have the same amplitude.

First email: Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Dear Prof. Dr. Juan Maldacena:

Is it reasonable to consider Max Planck’s simple definition of time when we talk about the interior of the space-time?

Planck Time

Planck’s more simple formulation computes well with the experimental results. And, of course, if we were to apply base-2 notation to Planck Time, there would be a small variable as each quantity is multiplied by 2. It appears to remain within 1% throughout all 202 notations from Planck Time to the current time or age of the universe.


By inserting the other base units along this scale of the universe, the data sets become more challenging, yet the simple correspondence between length and time tells a profound story. The correspondence with mass and charge, though stretching the imagination, still retains a deep logic and continuity.

Might you comment? Just nonsense?

Thank you.

Most sincerely,
Bruce Camber

PS. This work started in a New Orleans high school geometry class where we chased Zeno’s paradox to the Planck Wall and then asked, “What else can we do?”
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More references:
The symmetry and simplicity of the laws of physics and the Higgs boson
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