Causal Set Theory (CST)


Causal Set Theory (most-recent reference within this website)
Wikipedia: Causal Set Theory (with roots going back to 1987)

Scholars with whom there has been some communications:
Rafael Sorkin: Correspondence and references. Favorite direct quote: “Order + Number = Geometry” Landmark article: Space-time as a causal set, 1987
David Malament: Correspondence and research work
Nick Huggett: Correspondence and research work
James Owen Weatherall: Correspondence and research work
Christian Wüthrich: Correspondence and research work

Other scholars being studied:
Ruth Gregory.
Luca Bombelli.
Joohan Lee: Google Scholar, Space-time as a causal set, 1987
David Meyer.

Sumati Surya: The causal set approach to quantum gravity, 2019

A result in 2d causal set theory – The emergence of spacetime, 2009
• Graham Brightwell (London School of Economics)
• Joe Henson (Perimeter Inst. Theor. Phys.)
• Sumati Surya (Raman Research Inst., Bangalore)


Key references to this page from the following:
JWST Carina Nebula: Ontological and Cosmological Conundrums, Quick Read – Different Analysis