Hypothetical particles

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JWST Carina Nebula: Ontological and Cosmological Conundrums

Thousands of scientists and scholars have focused on one or more hypothetical particles. In this section of this website, we will begin to focus on the work of a few of them. To date, we have focus only on one postdoc, a Pakistani woman and her work with two such particles, the gluino and and squark. https://81018.com/analysis/#Functional

Dr. Mansoora Shamim introduced us to squarks and gluinos.

Other hypothetical particles include the chargino, gaugino, gluino, gravitino, Higgsino, neutralino, photino, sleptons, sneutrino, squarks and the bino-wino-zino. That’s just the beginning. Key bosons and fermions include the axion and the inflaton.

We learned about the Pati/Salam preons in 2011, our first year of investigations! Other theories predict no less than seventeen more particles, and there are dozens more that have been conditionally defined.

Hypothetical Particles Hold Clues to Infinitesimal Notations 0-64

A section about Attractors / Repellers will also be developed.