Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG)

Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG) (most-recent reference within this website)

LQG thought leaders:
Abhay Ashtekar
Carlo Rovelli
Jorge Pullin
Jerzy Lewandowski
Francesca Vidotto

There are also key thinkers within Langlands programsstring theorysupersymmetries (SUSY), causal dynamical triangulation (CDT)causal set theory (CST)field theories, the spectral standard model (SSM) and all the hypothetical particles.


Process Studies. The final groups of studies are all based on processes that might be considered universal, but each at this time appears to have limited applicability. So, when we ask the question — “Are these insights that could finally open the doors to the begin to grasp the hyper-interconnectivity of all things, everywhere, throughout all time?” — they have analogical coherence, but their first principles have not fully embraced infinity, pi (π) and spheres.


Over the years there are many short-burst movements. With John Conway’s initiation of monstrous moonshines, variations like the Umbral Moonshine Conjecture of Miranda Cheng (NL) might be considered. Jeffrey Harvey, Igor FrenkelJames Lepowsky, Arne Meurman, David Kaplan, Tohru Eguchi, Hirosi OoguriYuji Tachikawa, Sander Zwegers, Ken OnoMichael Griffin, and Terry Gannon. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to have them all in one Zoom session? Martin Bridson could lead it!


Edward Burger,  Pi: The Most Important Number in the Universe? cogency?” [6]. https://81018.com/bottom-up/