Global Voices: Open Letter in July 2020

Global Voices is an online publication of people with freedom, justice, love and joy within their hearts; it drives their scholarship and investigative journalism. Here is a rare and talented group of people. They are based in Amsterdam.

The People of Seven-STAN Countries


Dear Anna Fergana and the Global Voices staff and your readers:

Thank you, Anna, and to all the people of Global Voices for your wonderful work!

A possible vision for the “Seven-STAN” nations — those nations whose formally-recognized name ends with the letters, s,t,a,n — could lead the world whereby the First Lady of each of our nations (with male presidents) would encourage travel, culture, education, and the highest values of our people, primarily love and respect.

In 2018 I made a proposal to the “7-Stan” nations:

Here is where I have a link to your story. Toward the bottom under Resources, it goes to:    There are also links to the webpages of each nation.

Of course, an idea is an idea. It’ll take time for it to catch on and for those intimate within each country to instill the energies needed to develop such an idea. Some encouragement, like this note, and future uplifting articles by Global Voices could make a small difference.

We can hope and pray.

Best wishes to you all,

P.S. Congratulations on such a bold and empowering mission and vision statement!

A note to Ivan Sigal. Ivan is the Executive Director of Global Voices (web):

Dear Ivan,

What a remarkable thing you are doing with Global Voices. Thank you.

I intermittently check our links to other sites. Today I was thrilled
to see Global Voices alive and well. I think what you all are doing for your readers, their countries and your staff is vital, sensational, invigorating, and more. Truly you are carrying out your mission!

Thanks again. This morning, through your online comments
section, I also sent a little note of thanks and duplicated it here:

Global Voices: Open Letter in July 2020

You have my prayers,
PS. Will you please extend my congratulations to your founders and those on your staff who might enjoy reading this note above. –BEC

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