Rothman, Tony

Tony Rothman

Lectuter, New York University

Collaborators: Stephen Boughn, George F.R. Ellis, E. C. G. Sudarshan
FQXi:  (7th paragraph)
Google scholar

First email: Wednesday, July 10, 2019 at 11:00 PM

Dear Prof. Dr. Tony Rothman:

I have come to you through a rather awkward path. I have just one quick question and, of course, it has several related questions.

Is this a an acceptable question:
“Can we use the Planck base units as a starting point for the universe?”

Here is a copy of my post about that concept:

“Planck Time (tP) opens basic questions. First, tP is a direct correlation and necessary relation with a length and light in much the same way Einstein’s well-known equation, e0=mc 2 necessarily and dynamically relates mass, energy and light. These four Planck base units are each natural units using only the most fundamental universal constants to define them.

“Could these four base units and light (and the dimensionless constants that contribute to the essential natural of the Standard Model of Physics) be the very first moment in time?

“Could the universe starts cold? If so, then what might be the first expression of these all these facets of reality ? …the very first manifest?

“Could it be a sphere? John Archibald Wheeler imagined quantum foam. Others are also suggesting a sphere and that we call these spheres planckspheres. What if there is an application of cubic close packing of equal spheres (ccp) at this scale and the stacking amounts to a doubling? Within 202 doublings of base-2 notations these Planck base units have become the age of the universe, the size of the universe, the total mass of the universe, and the total energy of the universe, and yes, it is still happening right now. The universe is expanding!”

Addendum: Exploring such a simple model has been our effort since December 2011: To see a chart of the numbers and to get a sense of the emergence and natural inflation:

It is too simple, so simple it seems a bit of silliness. But if you look at the numbers, there is a sweet logic that prevails.

I would be very pleased to hear from. you.
Thank you.


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