On following the work of Peter Diamandis…

Editor’s note:  Over the years, Bruce Camber has written to Peter Diamandis, the author of Abundance Insider from PHD Ventures. These are the first posted.  More will be added from prior years.

Peter Diamandis, Abundance Insider, Culver City, CA 90230

Most recent email: 27 November 2018 On being invited to join

Your systems are all all so automated, I am rather sure you don’t know who I am. I have enough memberships. I am looking for people who are critical thinkers and who critically and creatively respond to emails about key issues.

Surround yourselves with thinkers who can take on the universe and get it under control. Worldviews are much too small.

Email: Saturday, 24 November 2018

Abundance Insider needs an integrated universe view so you can teach others to get beyond their limited worldviews!

Imputing meaning to our mundane activities is a key to our civil society.

If we keep harboring the simplistic constructions of big bang cosmology,
we’ll continue to end up with a solipsism that quickly degrades into a variety of narcissistic expressions where they harvest meaning through a nihilism that adds to all the dystopian nonsense.

If we follow the Planck base units within a mathematical construction that necessarily relates everything, everywhere for all time, perhaps we can re-open old questions such as the very nature of space and time, and finally begin to make a little progress beyond the Standard Models for particle physics and for comsology.


In prior discussions I have suggested to Peter:
1. There is no singularity. The very first fractional moment within space-time is defined by the Planck base units and all the dimensionless constants that define each. Please see the horizontally-scrolled chart.
2. The Universe is highly integrated within 202 base-2 exponential notations from the Planck base units to the current age of the universe. This is a model of the very early universe. The first second takes us into Notation 143 and the first 300 million years (Notation 197) brings us to large-scale structure formation.

“Membership” within his groups is always pricey. Abundance Digital is $1495 per year.

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