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Most recent tweet: October 9, 2022

3:37 PM · Oct 9, 2022 @kanyewest The big bang theory (BBT) is coming down. It’s on a smooth decent on the JWST – James Webb Space Telescope – and within the deep continuity, symmetry and harmony of the universe. This is an alternative working model to the BBT: 81018.com

July 30:2018 @ Noon  Twitter Tweet & Email:

Let’s connect and connect with Katy Perry as well.

Tweet: 30 July 2018 at about 10 AM

I sent this note to @katyperry:
Solipsists rule the world.
And, often their solipsism becomes narcissism.
In time that folds over into a nihilism.
There is now nowhere to go but into a dystopianism.
We’ve got to turn it around. Turn it around”

Editor’s note: This Twitter Tweet did not have the embedded links.

First Tweet: 18 June 2018

An introduction to something to rap about…

@kanyewest You are very smart 
and know there is too much that we don't know.

We're off -- intellectually off, 
emotionally off, and ethically off.

Let's see if there is a better starting point.

Here's a simple model of the entire universe.

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