Lenat, Doug


Knowledge is “…contextualized logical axioms (in the formal language, CycL) based on extensions to first-order predicate calculus, and then use that enormous ontology, inference engine…” -DBL

Dear Doug,

I now have open on my desktop your PhD dissertation, the summary about you within Wikipedia, and some of your current work. My work within AI and quantum computing is introductory at best, yet to learn quickly I try to find the best teachers, but then ask, “What are they missing?”

Now, who am I? Access to my somewhat full-disclosure starts here. I also know full well that my work since 2011 is idiosyncratic bordering on crackpottery. I have been looking for somebody to dismember the logic — people seem so afraid to engage — and perhaps that person is you.

We all grew up with Euclid’s Axioms where space is homogeneous, isotropic and unbounded. Newton and Hawking adopted the logic. Yet, if we adopt the dimensionless constants like pi, boundaries are introduced with the Planck base units and our most-current time (the Now).

Using that same line of thought, should (or could) algorithms also be contained by that application of base-2?

Most sincerely,

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