The Obama Legacy: Barack & Michelle

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Most recent communication: 4 August 2021 Online Form Completion 

Dear Valerie Jarrrett, Barack, and Michelle,

I received Valerie’s letter this morning, and then I reviewed my notes over the years to you all. The Democrats have some special work to do. The party has to graduate from local views and world views to a view of the universe that informs and begets all local views and world views.

We’re building a STEM tool by taking all our worldviews to make a highly-integrated, mathematical-and-intellectual view of the universe.

We started in our high school geometry classes, then brought in all the other subjects. The trick was to multiply and divide so everything fits into a special area from the smallest to the largest. The smallest size was from 1918 Nobel laureate Max Planck. He had the smallest units of length and time. Very cool.

And then, we went to the largest. That’s of course the universe. Because we were multiplying and dividing by 2, we discovered it is called base-2 exponentiation. It was given to us by Leonhard Euler around 1748. For us, it was just commonsense simple stuff we learned in the 2nd and 3rd grades.

Yet, simple is often not so simple. You won’t believe it, but from Planck’s little numbers (really, really little) to the size and age (13.81 billion years) of the universe, there are just 202 base-2 notations.

We were puzzled when we first began, but it is a fact and it makes the universe very approachable.

So, what we are giving our community is the universe in a simple, easy-to-use package so we can explore how everything is so very tightly interrelated so maybe we can stop messing with each other’s head and get on with the real task of getting to know our universe, why we are here, and what we are supposed to be doing. Certainly we are not here to be arguing all the time.

First email: Saturday, 29 February 2020

Dear Michelle & Barack,

Isn’t it true that our goal for life is learn to fulfill
our unique and ever-changing calling
that fits perfectly with our unique self?

I think so. And, when it happens, it is a perfection
within this imperfect world!

To know ourselves and grasp our calling,
I believe we need to embrace the entire universe:

It gives us perspective and lifts us into hope and vision.
Grasping the entire universe is not silliness. It is readily
accomplished by applying base-2 exponentiation to the
first moment of time. The entire universe, right up until today,
is encapsulated, parsed, and parameterized within 202 notations.

It all began in a New Orleans high school in 2011.
Even our sixth grade AP science-math class grooved on it.

I’d love to share more with you.  Thank you.


Tweet: January 16, 2020

@BarackObama Having the caliber to grasp these new foundations — — what do we do with them? These fundamentals are closer to the truth yet so idiosyncratic and disconcertingly simple and logical, what do we do? Thanks. -Bruce

@MichelleObama Thanks for the invitation to participate with the library… so very important. Currently my commitment to create the Andrew Jackson Presidential Library has me oversubscribed. What a conflicted character! What a study of our ethos and history!

Reference to the Andrew Jackson National Library of the 7th President of the USA:

Tweet: February 25, 2018

@MichelleObama Don’t go much longer without wrestling with an integrative universe view. You two would be great teachers. Newton’s absolute space and time is just wrong. 202 base-2 notations from the beginning till now: Just simple math.

14 February 2017: Online Form Completion

Question: “Tell us the hardest part about staying informed as a citizen. What’s the best civics lesson you’ve ever received?”

Our answer: In light of the universe, we are all still kids, babes in arms. Our civics and our sciences are just starting to wake up and we have a long way to go.

To that end, our high school kids created an integrated view of the universe with just over 200 notations. We used base-2 exponential notation from the Planck base units (the smallest measurements) to the Age of the Universe today (the largest using Planck Time). It is a simple-but-comprehensive start to awaken our sensitivities to our universe, our world, and our community — — and it opens all of life to us. Using multiplication and division by 2, we see ourselves in light of an intimately-related universe.  Sounds crazy, but it’s not. We’ve discovered civics lessons within our science lessons and learned how it is that love (symmetries) is the greatest of all things and can truly abide.

The Obamas between the Trumps, and the Clintons at the G. H. W. Bush funeral, 5 December 2018, Washington Cathedral.

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