Stephen Hawking dies on Pi Day, March 14, 2018

by Bruce Camber

Our charge to Stephen Hawking:  “Now, please, go and truly search the complexities of the infinite!”

Stephen Hawking was born January 8, 1942. He noted that it is on the 300th anniversary of Galileo’s death. Others have noted that Hawking’s death, March 14th, is the anniversary of Einstein’s birth. Thus, several proclaim that time is circular — no beginning, no end! We should be saying that time is derivative and the only time is now.  Every notation of the 202 is active but constantly changing based on what we all do right now.

Pi Day 2018 (3.14): We awoke on Pi Day in the USA to the BBC news that Hawking had died. Certainly it is symbolic, yet I believe there is a deeper significance to the fact that Hawking has died. Only a few, like Neil Turok, had the intellectual credibility, depth and integrity, to criticize Hawking. It seems now there is a possibility that Hawking’s cosmology of the “…infinitely small, infinitely hot and infinitely dense” may possibly fade away with him. Of course, we pray that Hawking may now rest in peace. But, let scholarship, especially among the youngest, get on with grasping the full essence of pi at the Planck scale and begin to see how pi opens the gateways between the finite and infinite.

Possibly not as respectful as one should be on the day of one’s passing from the finite to the infinite, and certainly a bit opportunistic, here are a few tweets to people who have made statements about Hawking on the morning of his death:

•  π  •  To the Mayor of London @SadiqKhan who said: “Professor Stephen Hawking not only opened up the secrets of the universe to millions, he lived life with a grace and determination that set an example to all of us. He will be forever remembered and greatly missed.”
My Tweet to Sadiq Khan: Please be careful, Mr. Khan. Hawking did live with determination and set that example for sure. But he also was a Lucasian professor following in Newton’s footsteps. He was often condescending to those he didn’t understand: May he now be at rest!

•  π  •    To the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn @jeremycorbyn
who said: “Stephen Hawking inspired the world with his determination to explain the mysteries of the cosmos. But he also showed breathtaking courage to overcome life’s adversities and a burning passion to protect our National Health Service. He will be greatly missed.”
My Tweet to Jeremy Corbyn: On Hawking’s final day, we shall forgive him, and lay the big bang theory to rest with him:

•  π  •   To the Prime Minister, Theresa May who said: “Professor Stephen Hawking was a brilliant and extraordinary mind – one of the great scientists of his generation. His courage, humour and determination to get the most from life was an inspiration. His legacy will not be forgotten.”
My Tweet to Theresa May: @10DowningStreet @theresa_may Encourage your children to do “one better” than either Hawking and Newton.
A second Tweet:
•  π  •   To the Prime Minister, Theresa May: @theresa_may  “We have to forgive Stephen for being so convincing. We deferred to him; we could have been tougher. Of the two Lucasian Professors, Hawking (#17) and Newton (#2), I am not sure who did more to throw us off: Yes, it is time to forgive and get to work!

•  π  •    To ,  &  where Tyson said, “Ten days ago my interview with Stephen Hawking first aired on . We offer here a commercial-free posting of that show. 
My Tweet to Tyson and gang:Hawking’s death on this day pulls us into the nature of a sphere and the finite-infinite relation. “Great way to go, Hawking!” Let’s redefine infinity so Hawking has a place to go! Let’s work with Turok on the old big bang theory:

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