Jackson, Andrew

Andrew Jackson

Democrats. Andrew Jackson was the seventh person to be elected president of the USA. He was the first duly elected president of the Democratic Party. The oldest political organization in the USA, it had its roots in the Democratic-Republican party which had been the Republican Party founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Presidential politics has always been confusing; and terms, “facts” and names morph and are often thrown around rather loosely.

Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson were also slave holders. Jackson had the additional indignity of leading the banishment and forced relocation of native Americans to what were designated as Indian Territories. Part of that banishment, known as the Trail of Tears, virtually went through his property outside of Nashville. Yet, his overall leadership was what the nation wanted at that time; and though he carried the cultural understanding of values for that time, he had the character flaws of humanity and he had outstanding courage and the tenacity to fight for the future of the unity of the country which was so needed at that time.

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. I have been advocating that the Hermitage break ground on the President Andrew Jackson National Library and at any time have eight to twelve resident scholars writing about the nation’s first grassroots entrepreneurial president with all his flaws and foibles. None of us are perfect. We are all tragically flawed. We’ve got to get a handle on our imperfections. We’ve got to inspire entrepreneurial thinking and Nashville should be the center for it with the roots right back to Jackson.

The train tracks already run the 5.4 miles right up to the Hermitage from Donelson Station. The tracks run along the south of the airport and up along the west of the airport. How sweet it would be to have a regular service between downtown and the airport, and perhaps hourly service to the Grand Ole Opry and into the home of our 7th president. Why not?