Nature of the Finite-Infinite Relation

Session #2: Models of the Universe

• Quick Review of Session #1.
• Quick Review of our Purpose.
• Your Questions and Challenges.


Resource Page
:  Challenges of the big bang theory:
• Letters to Carlo Rovelli, Richard Muller, and others listed and linked.
A reflection about this process (once a homepage)
Throw out infinity” says Max Tegmark of MIT
Nima • Throw out space and time,” says Nima Arkani-Hamed of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton

Both Max and Nima are struggling. Over the next few weeks we will:
• Build on and off ramps to Infinity (1) Notation 1 (2) Fabric of the Universe
• Redefine light and space and time

Nobel Prize: Nernst (Chemistry, 1920), Einstein (Physics, 1921), Planck (Physics, 1918), Millikan (Physics, 1923) Laue (Physics, 1914)  This group could have done the base-2 chart over dinner on 11 November 1931 in Berlin.  We would be a very different world.

Frank Wilczek, MIT, Nobel Laureate, 2004

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