Ethan Siegel

Ethan Siegel

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for your link (that’s an interesting visualization) and your questions about time, space and the speed of light. For me, the speed of light is the fundamental relationship between those two entities: space and time. I think that Einstein, Planck and others put that together extremely well.

Remember that the Universe has expanded over time; using special relativity and/or flat space isn’t going to cut it if you want a quantitatively accurate description. For that, you need general relativity, whose math typically goes beyond what a high school student can handle.

Thanks for your inquiry, and hope you keep enjoying the articles!

All the best,

Ethan R. Siegel, Ph.D.

Author: Beyond the Galaxy: how humanity looked
beyond the Milky Way and discovered the entire Universe

Writer/Founder: Starts With A Bang

Thank you, Ethan.

Our high school kids are typical, but tenacious.
Plus, I am a strong advocate for breaking out
of old sack clothes and intricate cocoons.

Strangely enough, I think base-2 from the first
to the 67th notation give enough infrastructure
and complexity to handle GR, SR, and QM.


The original note
on 12/23/16

Thanks, Ethan, for your article in Forbes about the speed of light and time.

Did Max Planck tell us best? Is time simply an aspect of light? Is space a necessary component of light?

We’ve been exploring the issue since our December 2011 high school geometry class when we mapped the universe using base-2 notation. Kees Boeke used base-10 We would love to hear your comments!

We are still trying to figure out if we are wrong, and if so, how?


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