Reflections by Bruce Camber


1. Big Board – little universe Intro
A Working Paper- An Overview

2.  What is foundational?
This work goes back to 1971 to Synectics and Boston Colloquium  (Boston University) the earliest research of perfected states in space-time.

3.  What is religion?
Work to synthesize common ground between science and theology began in earnest in January 1973 at Boston University, School of Theology and the Department of Physics.

4.  What is small?
What is a business?
What is a school?

The change from Small Business 2000 to Small Business School occurred on January 1, 2001 and required reflecting on who we were and what this effort entailed.

5.  Five Simple Ideas
1995. The show is picked up and broadcast by the Voice of America-TV around the world. From this point forward everything was thought in terms of a global initiative.

6.  Seven simple facts for children
Key Question: How do we get the kids excited about the future, about the open possibilities, and for the unity of information and knowledge?   The first three questions are about the tetrahedron and octahedron.


7.  Learn geography through the 24 time zones.

This efforts anticipates a global television show with as many as 2000 locally based production crews for as many television stations in as many markets (4M people). This show would air time zone by time zone 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks per year.

8.   Letters

9.  Possible steps to get to a UFT, GUT or TOE

This Theory of Everything includes the word, Similar, for the acronym TOES. It anticipates the scientific notation introduced within the Big Board for our Little Universe.

10.  The Big Board for our little universe

Scientific notation and orders of magnitude based on base 2 and asking the question about nest tetrahedrons and octahedrons within the five basic solids (Plato, circa 360 BC).

More illustrations follow…

Icosahedron of twenty tetrahedrons

Pentakis dodecahedron


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