On learning a little about the work of Carl Zimmer

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First email: Sent within the form on his homepage, January 26, 2023 at 8:47 PM

Hi Carl, 

Most of us have bought into the Hawking-Guth version of the big bang theory. With the smoothness and early formations found by the James Webb Space Telescope, more questions are being raised by serious scholars. The problem has been that there has been no viable alternative. 

Our high school geometry classes strayed off the given curriculum back in 2011. We were having some fun with “embedded geometries.” Particularly, the tetrahedron enclosed four smaller tetrahedra in its four corners and an octahedron in the middle.

If you were to keep dividing those edges by 2, you can do a Zeno-like progression. In 45 steps, we were at the size of the fermions. In 67 more steps we were at the size of the Planck base units. If you multiply by 2, a rather robust geometric expansion occurs. In just 90 steps, we were out to the size and age of the universe.

As simple as it is, the universe encapsulated in 202 base-2 notations is just too much for most people to swallow. At first we were quite excited about the progression.

It seemed like the penultimate STEM tool. The kids loved it. So, that year it became a reference point, especially in our science and math classes. Then, I began sharing it with teachers around the area, and they asked for more source materials, we slowly realized that there were none. I got cautious. I don’t want the kids or other teachers going off with a half-baked concept. One of my scholarly acquaintances told me, “It’s idiosyncratic.” It was a dilemma so I pulled it back from the classes until we could get some readings from scholars. Freeman Dyson at the Institute for Advanced Studies cautioned me, but encouraged the exploration. Frank Wilczek, a 2004 Nobel laureate at MIT, did the same. In 2016 I decided to make a pointed study of it all. I had pages all around the web in free hosting sites. I consolidated those pages and just kept going: https://81018.com

Over the years, I aggregated new insights: https://81018.com/presuppositions/ Pi became the centerpoint. Its continuity, symmetry and harmony became a Janus face of the finite and infinite, and conceptually that opened it all up.

Interesting? Want to hear more?  Thank you for getting this far into these weeds!



Bruce E. Camber