On ethics and the work of Daryl Koehn

Daryl Koehn, Wicklander Chair in Professional Ethics
Department of Management & Entrepreneurship
DePaul University, Chicago, IL 60604

Books: The Nature of Evil (2005)
• Local Insights, Global Ethics for Business (2001, 2021)
• The Ground of Professional Ethics (1994)
Homepage(s): DePaul, ResearchGate
Publications: Editor, Business and Professional Ethics Journal
YouTube: Business Ethics Pioneers Project (2021)

First email: Friday, June 10, 2022 at 11:30 AM (updated)

Dear Prof. Dr. Daryl Koehn:

I once studied a bit of W.D. Ross and Kant, but not much more. Yet, with that little foundation, when doing our television series (PBS-TV and VOA-TV), Small Business School, I penned a working statement that started off like this: “What makes us human? …ethical? What gives us hope, depth, perspective? Deep within the fabric of life there is an energy, an abiding thrust to make things better, more perfect. That is the cornerstone of business, but much more.”

Although I go on for a few paragraphs, it was a prolegomenon for a much bolder piece: “Why is there so much hatred and tension in our life and this world? Do we have the wrong model of life?” about our solipsism, narcissism, nihilism, and dystopianism.

Though very much an ethics newbie and not a scholar, inspiration is inspiration and I carried on with that analysis. My most updated piece is “Foundations for Ethics and Values: Continuity, Symmetry & Harmony

The three links embedded above are:

Is any of it worth anything? Would scholars find it of some interest or just laughable? Thank you.

Most sincerely,
Bruce E. Camber

PS. When I looked up DePaul, Wikipedia states, “Not to be confused with DePauw University.” I actually was until I began reading! You’ve got an Impressive school. I thought that I considered DePaul back in the days of surveying colleges, but it was Depauw. BTW, I ended up at Wofford in South Carolina. -BEC