The many faces of the Fourier transform energize these primordial spheres to discover each other and build forms, structures, substances, qualities, relations, then systems.

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Lagrangian point


The magic of the sphere is the Fourier transform.

a little working document by Bruce Camber, May 2021

Hidden within these representations of the Fourier transform is the formal relation between electromagnetism and gravity [1]. Many have started such an analysis [2],[3],[4] over the years, yet none of our scholars have had the 202 active notations and an aether defined by infinitesimal (primordial) spheres where fields are within fields and everything, everywhere for all time is related to everything, everywhere for all time.

This is not history’s old aether.

The transition from the small-scale universe universe happens throughout the universe at the same time. All notations are non-local so the first 64 notations are likewise non-local. This notion of a universal non-locality will require time to intuit and meld into a highly-integrated view of the universe. It’ll come slowly until one day there is an “ah-ha” and an epiphany.

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Footnote and Endnotes

[1] Gravitoelectromagnetism – Wikipedia

[2] R. Penrose (1969). “Gravitational collapse: The role of general relativity”. Rivista del Nuovo Cimento. Numero Speciale 1: 252–276. Bibcode:1969NCimR…1..252P.

Much more to come…

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