Primordial time sets the rate of expansion of the universe.

One primordial sphere per primordial unit of time

a little working document by Bruce Camber, May 2021

PlanckTime: 5.39116)×10-44 seconds equals 539-tredecillion primordial spheres per second.
StoneyTime: 4.6054×10-45 seconds equals 4605-tredecillion spheres/second.

Base-2 exponentiation is used to understand a natural ordering of these spheres.

Rate of Expansion of the Universe: It is a novel concept and one that has not had its own homepage yet. It is in the wings — — however it can be opened if you would like to review a document with which I am struggling. The password to open the file is: Tredecillion

The concept of one infinitesimal sphere per infinitesimal unit of time has a simple logic. The result of such logic is this rather explosive rate of generating spheres per second. Within this construction, of course, is a unit of charge, and the thrust of any and all other dimensionless constants. Of course, the speed of light is part of the equation. There appears to be enough thrust to carry on. When we were learning about natural inflation, the entire topic of thrust was also engaged. That document — — was written in 2017 and certainly stands to be reviewed and updated.

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