Cubic-close packing of equal spheres (ccp)

The Dynamics of Infinitesimal Equal Spheres

a little working document by Bruce Camber, May 2021

Introduction to a finite-infinite working machine. Scientific theories of the beginning of the universe largely ignore the concept of infinity and the qualities of infinity. It has been tainted by centuries of religion, mysticism, and romanticism. Within this website, the qualities of infinity are inferred from the qualities of pi and other dimensionless constants. Given pi’s primacy among all dimensionless constants, we can logically infer that the inner dynamics of the infinite are the very dynamics of pi and the dynamic relation between the finite and infinite.

For this website defining infinity in any other way would ultimately be a contrivance. In problem-solving language it’s called a forced-fit. So, as stated in the first four support documents, continuity-symmetry-harmony, the very definition of pi (π).is necessarily the beginning of a definition of the infinite.

Sphere to tetrahedron-octahedron couplet

The first infinitesimal spheres establish space-time, mass-energy, they necessarily stack, and now they become functional. The first dynamic, interior to all spheres is continuity-symmetry-harmony that itself creates a mechanism called cubic-close packing of equal spheres. Throughout this website, you will see the dynamic image on the right. Sphere stacking and packing becomes triangulations, tetrahedralizations, and octahedralizations. The preliminary forms of Euclidean geometry emerge with Notation-2 and build throughout all 202 notations. In this model of the universe, all notations are always active.

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