Quantum Gravity and Damiano Anselmi

Pisa, Italy. You can almost hear him think, “If we don’t have a predictive theory of quantum gravity, we’ll make it up.” Damiano Anselmi, associate professor of physics at University of Pisa, created a website, Renormalization, with nine or so other scholar/authors to take it on. The thrust of their work is around a hypothetical particle they’ve named the fakeon.

On December 12, 2022, Anselmi made a presentation at the CSIC conference in Madrid entitled, A new quantization principle from a minimally non time-ordered product.

First email: December 23, 2022

Dear Prof. Dr. Damiano Anselmi:

If the challenge is to develop a predictive theory of quantum gravity, what parameters and boundary conditions would best engage such a theory?

•   Would this model of the universe best start at the Planck base units?
•   Might the first manifestation within space-time be an infinitesimal sphere?
•   Might one sphere per unit of Planck Time-and-Length be our cosmological constant?

If we use Planck’s numbers that were calculated in 1899, there would be 539 tredecillion spheres per second. If we use George Stoney’s numbers (that were calculated in 1874), there would be 4605 tredecillion infinitesimal spheres per second.

And what if those spheres were infused at get go — https://81018.com/ccp/— with cubic-close packing, fully activating the Fourier, and perhaps even with a bit of Smale and Milnor‘s attractors and repellers, all generating basic geometries?
•   Could the universe be fundamentally exponential?
•   Does base-2 create an initial outline that maps our universe?

Also, it appears that this model has one foot in the infinite — https://81018.com/csh/ — so it is a rather different model that requires a redefinition of time, space, and infinity to start.

The homepage: https://81018.com
The numbers: https://81018.com/chart/
A little analysis: https://81018.com/stem/
Deeper implications: https://81018.com/parameters/
The earliest foundations: https://81018.com/foundations/

With 64 notations prior to waves and particles (and perhaps quantum fluctuations), there are many notations for fakeons of many flavors. 

Is this just a bit of nonsense or does it open a new question or thought? Thank you.



References: https://renormalization.com/19s13/
This page is https://81018.com/quantum_gravity/