Getting to know the work of scholars within Oxford University

When there are more than ten people from any one institution, we will develop a special page of links to all those people under the name of the school.

Oxford: An alphabetical listing of scholars within Oxford (and, undoubtedly more to come) whose work has been studied and who have been asked questions about it:

  1. Chas Bountra, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Professor of Translational Medicine 
  2. Martin Bridson (physics, mathematics)
  3. Harvey Brown, (philosophy)
  4. Frank Close (physics)
  5. Richard Dawkins (biology)
  6. David Deutsch (physics)
  7. Michael Dixon, Principal of Green Templeton College
  8. Jonathan Doye (chemistry, geometry)
  9. Jamie Farnes (dark energy/dark matter)
  10. Beata Javorik (economics)
  11. Brian David Josephson (physics)
  12. Ard A. Louis (biology)
  13. Chiara Marletto, Wolfson’s New Frontiers Quantum Hub
  14. Tim Palmer, Oxford (physics)
  15. Sir Roger Penrose (physics)
  16. Alexander Ritter (physics)
  17. Joseph Silk, The Cosmic Microwave Background, 2002
  18. Jirina Stone, Department of Physics
  19. Ulrike Tillmann, Mathematics, joint positions within Cambridge and Oxford
  20. Guillermo Valle-Pérez, frequent collaborator with Ard Louis
  21. Keith Ward, Regius Professor of Divinity Emeritus, Christ Church
  22. Ian Walmsley, NQIT
  23. Meghan Wright, Oxford University Press

Links to special pages on this website include quotes and my letters to them.

Thank you, Professor Dr. Guillermo Valle, for all your contributions to the 73-page treatise, Generalization bounds for deep learning (PDF) It’ll be so very helpful to learn the language and inherent concepts throughout. Your discussion (pp 44-46) and reasons for successes of the PAC-Bayes bound (pp 46-47) will be studied and restudied, and discussed, and debated. I appreciate all the References (pp 48-56)!

Also see: Prateek Agrawal (Physics), student, Arthur Platschorre, Department of Physics

Also, as you can imagine, many graduates of Oxford continue a close association with professors, often being guest lecturers. Julian Barbour comes to mind immediately.