Walmsley, Ian

Ian Walmsley

Director of the NQIT (Networked Quantum Information Technologies)
Professorial Fellow at St Hugh’s College
Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research
Hooke Professor of Experimental Physics
Department of Physics, University of Oxford, Oxford

ArXiv: Entanglement
CV (from Royal Society)  )
YouTube (and many others)

First email: Thursday, 8 February 2018

Dear Prof. Dr. Ian Walmsley:

You certainly have your hands full, so I apologize in advance for sending this note to you!  However, I wanted to thank you for your substantial work– just now listening to your JQI Seminar from February 2017 yet I especially would like thank you for your June 2017 “Entanglement in macrosopic systems.” My first read was most rewarding.  Now, I have to dig down inside of this article to engage it more fully.  Your references are most helpful as a survey of current work  reflecting on concepts from within EPR-Bell non-locality.

Most sincerely,

Bruce E. Camber
Mathematically-Integrated View of the Universe
Center for Perfection Studies
Austin, Texas

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