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Chiara Marletto
Wolfson’s New Frontiers Quantum Hub
University of Oxford
Oxford, England UK

Articles Constructor Theory of LifeJournal of the Royal Society Interface12 (104): 20141226, arXiv-1407.0681,  doi:10.1098/rsif.2014.1226, PMC-4345487, PMID:25589566.Jan. 2015
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Book(s): The Science of Can and Can’t, A Physicist’s Journey Through the Land of Counterfactuals
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Wikipedia: Constructor theory
YouTube & Vimeo: The Theory That Could Rewrite the Laws of Physics (Quanta, 2021), Decoding the Universe (2018),

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First email: 8 January 2022 at 8 PM (TZ19)

Dear Dr. Chiara Marletto:

Given your leadership within constructor theory (wiki), your work with the Wolfson’s New Frontiers Quantum Hub, and even ISI Turin, I have some hope you might comment about the possibility of a constructor that begins with pi, spheres, and the Planck scale as a symbolic infinitesimal starting point. 

Are you and our current scholars like Max Tegmark (MIT) and our historic scholars like Pythagoras and E.P. Wigner wrong when you all have truly believed the universe is ordered and mathematical? Might we say that it is all according to numbers, geometries, and equations?

If so, can we start with concepts like the Planck scale, base-2, pi, and infinitesimal spheres?

Something is either right or fundamentally wrong with our base-2 progression from the Planck base units to the current age and size of the universe in 202 notations. ( https://81018.com/chart/ )

Might you have time to take a quick look? Might a constructor model be built around such simple assumptions and presuppositions? It all started on a December day in 2011 when in a high school geometry class we decided to follow the progression back inside a tetrahedron and then the tetrahedrons and the octahedron within it. I think Zeno was leading the way.

Thank you.