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Most recent email: 5 August 2019

Dear Robert L. Kuhn:

The abstract for today’s homepage article is probably the best little summary
of our idiosyncratic model that I can imagine to date, but tomorrow is another day.

What follows has been slightly updated:

“1. Cubic close packing, the Fourier transform, and period doubling,
are each well-established within mathematics and the sciences, yet
if taken together at the Planck scale, we can hypothesize a redefinition
of the very nature of the Planck scale whereby inherent structures
and dynamics manifest, primary among them being the sphere.

“2. Based primarily on concepts within sphere stacking for cubic
close packing, these emergent structures-and-dynamics (forms-and-functions)
provide a very different map of our universe.

“3. An outline of that map is created by applying base-2 to the Planck base units.
The resulting 202 doublings or base-2 notations provide a very simple
mathematically-integrated look at our entire universe from the Planck scale,
especially Planck Time to the Age-of-the-Universe-right-now.

“4. Captured by Euler’s identity, here is a model for emergence and natural inflation.

Of course, de facto I am being challenged by most of current scholarship within quantum theory, string theory, Langlands programs, and renormalization, so I know that I still have a lot to learn. It seems, however, none have placed a “hard stop” in front of this construction project, so I tarry onward however precipitous the drop to the right and how steep the climb ahead and on the left!”

Be well. And, thanks again.