Hypothetical Particles Hold Clues to Infinitesimal Notations 0-64

Standard Model of Particle Physics

Background: In a 2015 article, The Standard Model of particle physics, the image just above first appeared in the magazine, Symmetry (July 21, 2015). It was authored by Kurt Riesselmann of Fermilab. It is an interesting study. Of course, a most important part of the model is the pervasive supersymmetries that are anticipated. That opens unusual pathways to a growing number of hypothetical particles.

Within this website, we have particularly focused on the work of Mansoora Shamim with squarks and gluinos.

Other hypothetical particles include the chargino, gaugino, gravitino, Higgsino, neutralino, photino, sleptons, and the bino-wino-zino. That’s just the beginning. Other theories predict no less than seventeen more particles, and there are dozens more that have been conditionally defined.

The Wikipedia section about particles is worth the time to explore more deeply.

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