Upon learning about Wilczek’s quasiparticle, the Anyon

Wikipedia: Anyon

Within Wikipedia’s account of the Anyon, under the section, History, you’ll see that Frank Wilczek named both the Axion and the Anyon.

Wilczek, Frank (January 2006). “From electronics to anyonics”Physics World19: 22–23. doi:10.1088/2058-7058/19/1/31ISSN 0953-8585. “In the early 1980s I named the hypothetical new particles ‘anyons,’ the idea being that anything goes – but I did not lose much sleep anticipating their discovery. Very soon afterwards, however, Bert Halperin at Harvard University found the concept of anyons useful in understanding certain aspects of the fractional quantum Hall effect, which describes the modifications that take place in electronics at low temperatures in strong magnetic fields.

“Anyons, anyone?”

Symmetry Magazine. 31 August 2011. Retrieved 24 September 2020. In 1982 physicist Frank Wilczek gave these interstitial particles the name anyon… ‘Any anyon can be anything between a boson or a fermion,’ Keilmann says. ‘Wilczek is a funny guy.’

Inside the Knotty World of ‘Anyon’ Particles

Hear directly from its progenitor, Frank Wilczek, as he tells the story in an article, A new class of quantum particle is about to emerge from the tangled considerations of quantum statistics (Quanta Magazine, February 28, 2017).

Anyon and SUSY, hypothetical particles, More to come…