How Large Is Infinity? Physics Education, 56/6 Nov 2021

David Romero Abad and José-Pedro Reyes-Portales
Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola
Av. La Fontana 550
La Molina, Lima, Peru

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First email: 15 February 2022

Thank you, David Romero Abad –

I was delighted to find your article with José-Pedro Reyes-Portales, How Large Is Infinity? I was unfamiliar with Physics Education so your Volume 56 No. 6 Nov 2021 was my very first issue to explore. Certainly IOP Publishing has enormous breadth and depth.

I just sent a note through your “Contact Expert” option on your USIL homepage. There I said,

“Might pi (π) give us a sense of the nature of infinity? That is, pi is never-ending, never-repeating, always changing, yet always the same. Doesn’t that describe continuity in a most unusual way? Isn’t that kind of continuity infinite, certainly not finite, and doesn’t it suggest that a primary quality of infinity is continuity? In the same way, symmetry and harmony (Fourier) give us a similar taste of infinity.” I’ve discussed it here: and

I hope this email gets through to you. What is your best email address? Your comments would be deeply appreciated.



Bruce E. Camber