Upon bumping into new work by Stewart Brand…

Stewart Brand is a writer, organizer, and instigator.  He is best known  as editor of the Whole Earth Catalog. He is the founder of The WELL, the Global Business Network, and the Long Now Foundation.

Bruce Camber: “My goal in writing to Stewart is to have his group expand their mission and vision to include the universe. Let’s start a Whole Universe Catalog.”


Third email: December 18, 2021 at 4:21 PM


Dear Stewart, 

One of our biggest problems as a people is our short-term orientation. Thinking and vision are the penultimates. Our overly simplistic understanding of infinity doesn’t help much either. Here’s another look at it:  https://81018.com/almost/ 

Max Tegmark might even relax (but I doubt it).

Have a wonderful end of year celebration. Just maybe we can begin to see the universe instead of the little space-time coordinates that our body occupies!

Best wishes,


PS. I just linked your video from our page about Priyamvada — https://81018.com/natarajan/ It is listed as Video: Long Now Foundation So, I think now I’ll start a page about you!  -BEC

Second email: 3 September 2016

Dear Stewart,

Email is so unreliable these days, I have taken to posting my notes then tweeting and re-sending my email with that link.

I suspect my notes to you are caught in some kind of filter, so
please allow me now to point the way to that July 9, 2016 email here:
https://81018.com/brand/ (that’s this page)

If you are just too busy with life, certainly I understand, yet
I believe a “Whole Universe Catalog” could be your greatest achievement!


First email: Saturday, Jul 9, 2016 (in a long, long time)

Dear Stewart:

What a treat to see Tim O’Reilly’s retweet of your Tweet!
Rigid ideologies distort our view of reality… and value too little love, humility, and kindness.”
-Stewart Brand, editor/publisher, Whole Earth Catalog.

My first response was, “Yes, T.H.E. # 1 Brand lives!” My second response: “Classic Brand!”

How totally special to find you so in the fight. You’ll get this:

It seems too simple, but we’ve all had an obvious blind spot.
We’re off on some of the fundamentals.
Here’s the backgrounder: https://81018.com/home/

Here are our first efforts at reconciliation therapy:
A Quiet Expansion of the Universe – Worldviews Are Too Limited Interesting? If so, let’s talk.
This could be the beginning of a Whole Universe Catalog (in 201 pages).
Let’s subtitle it: Propaedeutics to Harmonizing Everything, Everywhere, for All Time.


Tweet to Stewart: (also on Saturday, 23 September 2016)
@stewartbrand “The Whole Universe Catalog” in just over 200 pages!
It would change the world and save the universe.

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