Bibi Gul

At one time, during the American occupation from 2002 through August 2021, Bibi Gul also known as Rula Ghani, the First Lady of Afghanistan.

On August 18, 2018 we sent a little note to her through her official email account. It went like this:

My dear First Lady of Afghanistan, Rula (Bibi Gul) Ghani,

The world’s people have been bleeding with the people of Afghanistan for many years. We have also followed the travails of Pakistan. Of the seven nations defined by a -stan, please consider the possibility of forming an alliance between the seven nations to teach us all throughout the world the first principles of life.

These principles must incorporate-yet-transcend religion to address the best of all religions. These principles would take education to a higher level.

I would be most happy to be a very quiet advisor:

Western science has its own history of mistakes and working out those mistakes will take a new scholarship that the First Ladies of your seven-nation alliance could be instrumental in helping to reset. Also, the world’s people need to be introduced to the best within your seven nations. Become a destination for the world’s people. The place and importance of seven countries shared history needs to be proudly told by all her citizens.

Your alliance could help us all to understand the very nature of government, of ethics, and of family. In time, I shall write to the other six First Ladies and invite them to consider this simple suggestion.

Most sincerely,
Bruce Camber, USA

The Seven-Stan Countries:
AfghanistanKazakhstanKyrgyzstanPakistanTajikistanTurkmenistan and Uzbekistan

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