Could part of the universe have started cold even with an infinitesimally short-burst of light at the Planck Temperature? These are the wrestlings from a “cold-start” camp.


A cold-start of the universe is postulated so basic structure can be analyzed in light of the Planck base units. Can the most basic forms and functions within science logically and systematically unfold?
(1).Here, the.progenitor of the circle and sphere, pi (π), has a pivotal role as one of our earliest working equations.
(2).Pi.comes out of the seminal concepts of continuity, symmetry and harmony, simple perfections.
(3).Spheres come alive and there is a rate of expansion.
(4).Building on such concepts, Kepler and others give us sphere stacking and cubic-close packing of equal spheres.
(5).Joseph.Fourier’s work on basic transformations (circa 1822) expands our understanding of pi and periodicity.
(6) Our initial value formulation uses the 1899 logic of Max Planck’s natural base units of length, time, mass and charge; these four numbers, and all the dimensionless constants used to define them, are fundamental.
(7).To.create.order out of such a large number of spheres within the infinitesimal, we apply Euler’s base-2 notation. From PlanckTime to this day, there are just 202 notations.
(8).The.first.64 notations are below the thresholds of direct measurements. These first 64 of the 202 are most foundational (and all superconductingly cold).
(9) a new laboratory for explorations.
(10).Here let us engage causal set theory, causal dynamical triangulation, string theory, Langlands programs and so many other logically-constructed environments, too small to be measured, yet within the first 64 notations of this mathematical laboratory. -BEC


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