Grossberg, Stephen

Stephen Grossberg
Wang Professor of Cognitive and Neural Systems
Boston University
Boston, Massachusetts

Articles: special Issue in Honor of the 80th Birthday of Stephen Grossberg, 2019
Digital Bibliography & Library ProjectDBLP
Google Scholar
YouTube:  Solving the Hard Problem of Consciousness, International Neural Network Society, 2017

Memories: In 1979 I made references to you and your work for a display project under the dome of Building 7 at MIT
2. Gian Carlo-Rota:
3. Nonlinearity:  “…where he first conceived of the paradigm of using nonlinear differential equations to describe neural networks “

 First email: 18 October 2020

Dear Prof. Dr. Stephen Grossberg:

My instincts were right; about 40 years ago, when we were young, you were perhaps the youngest scholar included in my little display project at MIT. Today, in reviewing your website, you have given me a lot of work to do! Sensational. You never slowed down — how entirely prodigious — and, you are still going strong.

Congratulations! I have come back around to you because I just wrote this paragraph within my top-level post:

I said, “Consciousness is also a fact. We assume it is within the earliest sixty notations. Back in and around 2016, our guesses for consciousness was that a primitive consciousness might emerge as early as Notation-48 and that domain could be considered a place for the introduction of a type of fluctuation. We are now researching to see if there may be a better nomenclature already established to distinguish the emergence of various kinds of fluctuations. At Notation-48 there are 2.2300745×1043 scaling vertices. It may well be the area in which we begin our search for the first manifestations of a gap integral to creating a system for the five most primitive perceptions”

The story begins at the top of that posting:

I’ll be working on that posting for a few weeks to tighten it up. But, the basic premise may well be all wet! I’ll be searching among all your work to see if it helps clarify issues. 

Yes, it has been many, many years and I am looking forward to being reintroduced to all your work that I can find online.  Thanks.



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