Rybka, Gray

Gray Rybka


ADMX Dark Matter eXperiment
University of Washington
Seattle, WA, USA

ADMX Articles
ArXivExtended Search for Invisible Axion with the Axion Dark Matter Experiment (2019)
Faculty Page

First email: Thursday, July 2, 2020  2:50 PM

Dear Prof. Dr. Gray Rybka:

Fascinating to read about your work and the work of your team there at the University of Washington and then of your collaborations with University of Florida, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Fermi National Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, UC Berkeley, Washington University in St. Louis, Sheffield University, and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.

I am anxious for you all… axions being axions. Do you think maybe Jamie Farnes (Oxford) might be right when he comments, “We’re at a point where our best theories seem to be breaking. We clearly need some kind of new idea. There’s something key we’re missing about how the universe is working.” Also, see Turok, Arkani-Hamed and Tegmark.

Could it be Newton’s absolute space and time?  If the physical universe begins with the Planck base units and manifests as something, our high school geometry class argued-and-then agreed, that at the Planck base units would first manifest as spheres. There are no less than 67 base-2 notations to the wave-particle duality. That is a lot of space for the mathematics of Langlands and the string folks to occupy. Surely there is room for axions as well.

Silly?  Perhaps it is, nevertheless, let’s get a group to talk about it!

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