Woit, Peter

Peter Woit

WoitNot Even Wrong
Columbia University
New York City, NY

Scientific American: Why String Theory Is Still Not Even Wrong (June 2017)

Recent email: Aug 30, 2018, 6:25 PM

We are still at it, Peter.
I thoroughly enjoyed your Hossenfelder review.
She is such a character. But, you are, too.
As for me, I am just a bore.

BTW, we are still quite open to getting punched
in the nose — Not even wrong! Baez likes that
expression. He probably stole it from you.

At least you give credit to Wolfgang Pauli.

Notwithstanding, we are applying for a grant so we can
pay people to punch us in the nose!
The irony of today…
https://81018.com/critical_review is the page for it.

You could be a professional reviewer of the data
for some of the notations! Why not?
I think you’d be perfect for 64-80.
Here’s a sample for #67, an early draft.
The others are to be written.



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