Functional analysis

For definitions, see Wikipedia: Functional analysis, list of topics and the glossary of terminology.

Each of these disciplines is rich with mathematics and structure. Each is a closed system whereby it is opened with an understanding of a finite-infinite relation whereby continuity-symmetry-harmony is shared and the 202 base-2 notations are a container for all systems. Another component, the geometries of quantum fluctuations, is a key.

  1. Langlands programs
  2. String theory (including M-Theory, F-theory, type II and offshoots)
  3. Supersymmetry (SUSY)
  4. Loop quantum gravity (LQG)
  5. Causal dynamical triangulation (CDT)
  6. Causal set theory (CST)
  7. Field theories
  8. Spectral standard model (SSM)
  9. Hypothetical particles