Hazewinkel, Michiel

Michiel Hazewinkel

Burg. s’Jacoblaan 18
1401 BR Bussum
The Netherlands

ArXiv: Symmetry vs Symmetry, Niceness theorems
Books: Algebraic and Geometric Methods in Nonlinear Control Theory

First email: 19 October 2018

Dear Prof. Dr. Michiel Hazewinkel:

You are so right. The beautiful, the nice, the charming, and the simple need to become a formal study. Let’s take it on. Will you help me with the mathematics?

I am starting from a peculiar place, the Planck Base Units; and, I have applied base-2 so the universe is mapped in 202 notations:

1. The numbers: https://81018.com/chart
2. Discussion related to Dark Matter and Dark Energy: https://81018.com/dark/
3. A discussion related to the first 64 notations: https://81018.com/64-notations/
4. It has a very humble history: https://81018.com/home/

Could I interest you? It could mess up your rather brilliant reputation!


Most sincerely,

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