Johnson, George

George Johnson

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Most recent email: 19 October 2018

Dear Mr. Johnson:

References: (1)
RE: “How Is the Universe Built? Grain by Grain” Password: 1999

Dear Mr. Johnson:

This note is a slight re-write of an email sent in 2013. The links
have all been updated and some parts deleted to shorten it a bit.

“I will be quoting from your article, NYT 1999. Password: 1999
I had wish that I had read it much earlier. I also wish that I met you when we were
filming in Santa Fe for our television series about best business practices
on PBS-TV in the USA and Voice of America-TV around the world.

The yoctometer. In 2013 from Google there were just 6070 references.
Now five year later it is up to 44,700. People are starting to study
the very, very small.

“Have you ever seen base-2 exponential notation applied to
the Planck base units to Age of the Universe and the observable
universe? There are 202.34 doublings or steps. We couldn’t find it,
so created a little chart for our high school geometry and physics classes.
The most recent chart is here: (horizontally-scrolled)

“I thought you might find these pages of some interest.”

One of the homepages looks at dark matter and dark energy:

“I have been looking at all this since 1970, but could never quite get my
chops up as a mathematician, but I had a few friends who did.”

“As a result of your article I am now exploring Rovelli and Smolin
but, of course, I love the way you write and the clarity you bring
to difficult subjects. It should help me in my preparations to explain
the Big Board to 6th graders! Geometry, parameters, boundary
conditions, transformations and numbers: is there a simpler way?”

Thank you for all that you do.
Your work is all very much appreciated!




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