Strebkov, Alexander

Alexander Strebkov (Revolution)
Saint-Petersburg State University
Russian Federation

First email: 21 August 2018

RE: Inquiry about Konfliktologia, Journal of Research and Practice

  • General Methodological and Conceptual Approaches and Problems
  • Conflict Studies of Education
  • Conflict Studies of Spiritual Sphere

Dear Prof. Dr. Alexander Strebkov:

Congratulations on your journal; it is a vitally important discussion for our day. Although the authors of your articles recently published are mostly within the Russian sphere of influence, might you entertain an article from a person from the USA? The article that I am anticipating would be built from several pages that are already online here: Particularly, I would be addressing the foundations of ethics.

I would particularly be questioning our general acceptance within the academic world of the concept of boundless introduced by Euclid, the concept of absolute space and time introduced by Newton, and the concept of the big bang theory promulgated by Stephen Hawking, Alan Guth and others.  By setting these three foundations aside, a rather revolutionary orientation to ourselves, our world, and our universe begins to evolve.

If the universe is in fact mathematically very small, and we are all intimately related, how much conflict will there be? …only from among the narcissistic, solipsistic, nihilistic, and dystopian.

Thank you.

Most sincerely,

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