Trnka, Jaroslav

Jaroslav Trnka
Center for ​Quantum Mathematics And Physics
Department of Physics, University of California, Davis, One Shields Avenue,  Davis, CA 95616 USA

Twitter (not active)

First email: 4 August 2018

RE: These key pages have a few broken links: 

Dear Prof. Dr. Jaroslav Trnka:

Many call for a fundamental re-thinking
of space, time, infinity, first principles…
“But don’t step on my favorite theory or
the special relics of our history.”

Why not see the universe as one big Planck scale
whereby various doubling functions kick in and
push the base units up to the current size of the universe,
the current age of the universe,
the current mass of the universe,
and the current charge of the universe?

On Monday, I’ll be at SLAC; are you in the area this summer?
Thank you.


PS.  I’ll try to fix the broken links on those two pages
references above. Also, I will start a Wikipedia page for you
primarily based on your current pages at QMAP and Davis.

PPS.  Everybody knows “…expanding exponentially in every direction,
from an infinitely small, infinitely hot, infinitely dense point,
creating a cosmos filled with energy and matter. 

(quoting Stephen Hawking) is problematic.

The only difference between the quiet expansion and the big bang theory is the first picosecond which defines the first three epochs in the big bang theory. Yes, their Planck Epoch, Grand Unification Epoch, and Inflationary Epoch are exceedingly short. Within our base-2/Planck scale model, those processes involve as many as forty doublings before the Electroweak processes begin, and as many as another 60 to 100 additional doublings before the Quark-then-Hadron processes begin. And, within this model, we are still within the first second of the unfolding universe. That is a lot of space for pure mathematics and geometries. -BEC

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