Fields, Christopher

Chris Fields
Sonoma, CA, USA
Caunes Minervois, France

“If physics is an information science, what is an observer?”
CV: https://chrisfieldsresearch.com

First email: January 17, 2018

Hi Chris,

Remarkable work…. such a formidable intellect, I am most impressed.
I write as a result of getting notice of your January 22 lecture on quantum
theory and consciousness, “Down the Rabbit Hole: Living in a Quantum World.”

My earlier work (1970 to 1980) was focused on the EPR paradox  —  but I couldn’t break through, so I went
back to work in a company that I had started in 1972. BUT… things
changed in 2011 when I did a base-2 chart from the Planck units to
the Age of the Universe in 202 doublings:

It hadn’t been done:

Kind-of-sort-of back in the game, I have been slowly catching up on
about 30 years as an observer.

It seems, from that little chart, there are three conclusions:

1. The simple mathematics, a quiet expansion, show us that our universe is
Euler’s equation extended, an exponential notation machine. Natural
Inflation is more natural than a big bang of any kind (from Hawking-to-Turok):

2. The first 64 or so notations provide us the space to go from simple to
profoundly complex, so complex that any and all consciousness models can
be logically and mathematically evaluated. I postulate notations 50 to 60
for the first level of sentience albeit non-local.

3. The role of infinity gets re-introduced into the equation given that
space-and-time become derivative and finite. That’s significant.
Every notation seems to come alive, and time and a length are
necessarily derivative of light.

Of course, I would thoroughly enjoy hearing from you.
Certainly if you have critical reviews, I would be especially appreciate!

Best wishes for your four lectures!



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