Artificial Intelligence

Has anybody satisfactorily defined the word, artificial, and the word, intelligence?

It is a serious question. If we are ever to emerge with a theory of everything, AI must participate and integrate.

Take the progression, data-information-knowledge-insight-wisdom. Is intelligence somewhere between knowledge and insight?

Do machines have insights for us when parsing huge sets of data with information (algorithms) that find new matches, heretofore, undiscovered relations? We’ve just begun to scratch the surface with algorithms that in some measure reflect the dimensionless constants.

So, of course, AI doesn’t stand by itself. It is part of the whole of science, philosophy, ethics, logic, and our universals-and-constants. Yes, I think our struggle with a theory of everything, from the first moment of Planck Time to the current day, needs a strong AI that integrates with it all.

Just some passing, perhaps silly, thoughts on a Sunday afternoon.
More questions:
Mapping the Universe with the Planck base units:

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