Dear Darlene and the good people of SciStarter:

I got started with you all in March 2013 (attached below).
At that time we knew precious little about the mathematical model
we discovered using base-2 exponentiation from the Planck base units
(way back in December 2011) to the Observable Universe.

We were still surprised about it all; it was our
Isn’t this a great STEM tool?” phase.

Life has moved on, but not well.
It seems that there is more confusion
and hostility and arrogance about meaning
and value of life than ever. Would you agree?

Somewhat rhetorically I ask, “What is the thrust of life?
Why do cells divide constantly and how do they sustain
our memories and our emotions and our very being?

Would you lift these questions up as a penultimate?
I would love to have the energy and insight of you and
your constituents to help with that answer. Why not?

Here is where we are now:
The chart of numbers is here:

Darlene, might you answer these italicized questions for me?

Thanks so much.

Bruce Camber

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