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Our Best Scholars Need Us

Even our best academic minds are imperfect; they have limitations and flaws. Like the rest of us, they grasp only a fraction of the really-real realities of life. So it is incumbent on the rest of us to ask them questions, perhaps even to challenge their insights and wisdom. If we get lucky, maybe we can help fill in a few of the blanks and gaps in our knowledge of this universe.

The simple logic [1,2] within the base-2 numbers [3]. Although quite compelling to me, these numbers have yet to be critically reviewed by our leading scholars. Articles,  rejected by peer-reviewed publications,  are posted here on the web.  As a result of reading work about natural inflation and the writing of two inflationary scholars, Alan Guth (MIT) and Andrei Linde (Stanford), I am challenged more than ever to discern the relations between our base-2 chart and special relativity and quantum mechanics. I invite your assistance. Can you help us?

I believe the potential for new insight is within the nature of space and time and its relation to infinity. All open questions, the very nature of space, time and infinity are still hotly debated. Yet, every segment of science relies on space-and-time measurements and the concept of infinity. Today, let us focus on space and time.


First, there is a commonsense view. Time is past, present, and future; and, space is defined by three dimensions: height, width and depth. Of course, there is a certain truth within our commonsense views, but these truths are relative and personal and do not apply universally. In a rather unusual sense of the word, it is as if we each create our own universe.

The arguments throughout history about space and time are contentious. And, our best scholars and scientists just may be wrong. Though it goes back to the beginning of recorded history, one of the most robust debates began in 1715 between Sir Isaac Newton (through his assistant, Samuel Clarke) and Gottfried Leibniz. They framed the problems; they never resolved dispute.[4] Then Einstein and Max Planck came along and space-and-time got even more confusing. I am of the mind that they all understood it so incompletely, our concept of space-time is now holding up science and holding us all back!

Though I started working on this problem way back in 1971, when I realized that I was going in circles (1980), I begrudgingly went out and got a real job. Yet, unwittingly, in 2011 in a high school geometry class in metro New Orleans that debate jumped out at me and I’ve been unable to stop thinking about it ever since.

Here is my proposition (there are others who have put it forth, yet not in the light of the base-2 chart). There is only one time, the Now. The past is an active imprint on the very beingness of the universe. Nothing is past; it is all active and current. Time’s arrow is an illusion. Death is a transformation and everything we did or say is an active, ongoing active imprint on the universe.

What you do makes a difference. Yes, what you do in this universe makes a difference to the universe!

Now I actually think the really smart ones among the scholars know that we only have a very small part of the “big story” and significant key parts of it today are not right (i.e. inflation and the big bang theory). As my mom would say, “You’ve got lots of room for improvement.”

The best-of-the-best also know that science has been operating within these strange boundaries for so long, they’d rather die than face the embarrassment of admitting it.

Nobody among them knows quite how to announce a greater truth that radically changes our perceptions of who we are and why we are.  Ahhh… but the progress of defining a deeper truth should never be embarrassing. It is what it is. Emerging truth should never be a devastating blow to science because it awakens possibilities for wholeness.

It is a rather magic door to an integrated view of the universe and when we walk through it, it all makes sense, it’s enlivening, and we are compelled to learn more[5].  Wikipedia had a glimpse of it in April 2012, but said, “Not here, that’s original research [6].

Although many absolutely proclaim its correctness, no one truly knows if the big bang theory is correct.  However, there are many scholars who are sure that it is incorrect.

Most importantly we believe each notation is a primary transformation area between the finite and the infinite. Never before thought to be on a scientific grid, some of the notations may be defined and understood to be a primary transformation area between sleep and consciousness and between the mind and brain.

Now that would be some transformation and transfer of power!

All notations, inherently defined as an extension of the infinite, three functional qualities appear to permeate all notations; these are continuity (order), symmetry (relations), and harmony (a real perfection of dynamics).

Continuity and symmetry give us our sciences; the harmonic and disharmonic give us our aesthetics, ethics, will, and quantum fluctuations. This simple model of the universe has yet not been explored within the academic world.

I think it is well-worth our time to explore it so I invite you to come on this journey with us. It won’t be easy.

Endnotes and Footnotes:
Note [1] Within this prior homepage an attempt is made to define the basic logic and postulations.
Note [2] An entire section of this site will be dedicated to studying the logic.
Note [3]  A chart of all the numbers; measurable units of time only go down to the 87th notation.
Note [4] This website begins to synthesize a middle ground between Leibniz’s ideal system of relations and Newton’s (Clarke)  absolute (and infinite) container.  Both have got something right. It is fundamentally a relation, yet also a finite container!
Note [5] These key ideas to open that magic door have been hanging in plain sight!
Note [6] Wikipedia is for encyclopedic writings, not research.
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