Sunday letters: United Methodist Church Council Of Bishops

An incomplete view of 66 active UMC bishops in 2020

Time to rethink the concept of perfection

To the United Methodist Church Council Of Bishops:

Prayers go out to you for trying to lead within an impossibly divisive time. The breakdown of understanding, the breakdown of integrity, and the breakdown of love, I believe, is within the limitations of our worldviews that are crying out for a highly-integrated view of our entire universe. And, as its counterpoint, we have been caught up in Newton’s concept of absolute time for much too long.

Could there be a domain of perfection that is the heart of the foundations of physics that is defined by the continuity, symmetry, and harmony of the circle and sphere? What if the first manifestation of a thing (as in Heidegger’s sense of thingness) is an infinitesimal sphere on the order of the dimensionless physical constants used in 1899 by Max Planck (and earlier by George Johnston Stoney, 1874) to define base units of time and length? These are not new absolutes, but equations, working relations, that render numbers and geometries. Here are continuities creating order and symmetries creating relations in a pure form.

Our sciences have been struggling for over 100 years to unify its three visions of reality. Here, two of those faces are well known to us, albeit seemingly in the abstract. Yet, we know circles and spheres. We also know about the dynamics within every circle and sphere. Hiding within the mathematics of the Fourier Transform is another perfection, harmonies that give rise to dynamics and the foundations of physics. To give us access to this unseen-but-not-so-hidden domain, we make assumptions! See: and

Let’s get our act together intellectually so we can breathe spiritually.

I believe the United Methodist Church can thrive by leading our little world out of its miasma of sheepish thinking.

Again, my prayers go out to you all within these impossible days of disbelief,


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