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January 12, 2020 @GeorgeLucasILM  Our Imaginations Run Overtime.

Within current scholarship, subjects like superluminality (faster-than-light activity), emergence, and entanglement are serious topics of discussion. “We have become a Star Wars people.”

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TribeJanuary 11, 2020 Laurence Tribe@tribelaw This essay* is mind-expanding in the best possible sense. Like the work of the logicians Kurt Gödel and Abraham Robinson, that of the physicist Nima Arkani-Hamed suggests that genuine knowledge consists not in new answers but in ever-better questions.

* Essay by Natalie Wolchover, A Different Kind of Theory of Everything, The New Yorker, February 19, 2019

@tribelaw Better questions?
1. Was Leibniz right? Was Newton wrong about absolute space and time?
2. Is time derivative and discrete and does it start with Planck Time?
3. Is this chart meaningful?
Thank you.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

January 11, 2020: Your own page here:
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@neiltyson Can we call to question Newton’s absolute space and time? Maybe so. If Planck’s base units are taken to be the very first moment of physical time, there are no absolutes: It’s all finite and quantitative. A simple model: 

Abdullahi Omar

Tweet to Ilhan Omar: A real relational model is possible
Jan 10, 2020 @IlhanMN If we are ever to get along as neighbors and a global people, we need to see ourselves in a totally new way. In 1687 Isaac Newton’ gave us the primacy of absolutes of space-and-time not of relations. A real relational model is possible:  The back story:


Real relations are possible. Our new models need to correct mistakes from the distant past. In 1687 Newton published his “Principia” to open up “scientific models.”

It was wrong. BTW, you’re on our homepage:


January 9, 2020 @EricRWeinstein Among scholars, you probably can put a stop to our nonsense most quickly. It’s just been going on too long. What’s wrong with the chart, Planck Scale to the current Age of the Universe in 202 base-2 notations: 

Luke Combs

Jan 9, 202 @lukecombs Great little story, Luke. Thank you. I am chasing a very simple model of the universe that started in a high school geometry class. It has a simple logic and simple math but all the “greats” ignore it. The current story: Back story:

Jan 9, 2020 @RepMaxineWaters We need a larger vision of who we are, why we are here, and what we are to do with the short time that we have. Being a leader is not easy. To have a bit of grace requires the innocence of a child. We all have so much to learn….

MaxineWatersJan 8, 2020:  @RepMaxineWaters We all need a “time out.” Our old mindset moves us closer to dystopia where everything is an object; nothing is a relation. That’s been wrong since Newton! Here’s a new frame of reference — an integrated view of ourselves and our universe.

January 6, 2020   @shakira Empowering the very best within all people is a great goal. Yes, in spite of it all, you’re a good soul; it’s game day. Inspire us, fire us up, to find a new way to see; the key, the key, everybody – everything is related to everybody-and-everything. Whatever we say-or-do-or-think affects everything everywhere for all time. Yes, this world is forever turning within a tiny universe.

Her name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll.

January 6, 2020 @narendramodi Our challenge is to break free of our little worldviews localized by space and time and to begin to embrace a mathematically-and-spiritually-integrated view of the universe. A start: uses base-2, goes from Planck time in 202 steps to this day.

Note: Narendra Damodardas Modi, the 14th-and-current Prime Minister of India (2014), was the Chief Minister of Gujarat (2001 to 2014) and he is also a Member of Parliament for Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India.

January 3, 2020 3:30 PM @billieeilish There are very deep patterns throughout the universe that go back to the very first moment in time. So when we fall asleep, you may not go anywhere, but possibly you go everywhere. It depends on how much of the universe you can envision:

@HansvanLeunen Thanks, Hans. A rather different approach but similar conclusions…  Our project started in a high school geometry class while going deeper within the tetrahedral-octahdral and bumped into Max Planck’s sign for our old friend Zeno, “You can’t go any further” See:   Also:

proton-long@FrankWilczek Laughing. I hope you have some adversity to high risk and your losses are small. BUT, actually, you won. You won. You just don’t know it. Anyway, have a happy new year celebration in the proton’s quarks and gluons!   2020 Happy New Year!
5:33 AM · Dec 31, 2019  @FrankWilczek It’s time to concede that this was not, alas, the decade of supersymmetry. Hope springs eternal, but the terms of bets are finite … I’ve got two to pay off.

DylanWednesday, December 31, 2019
@bobdylan We’re all getting older.
We all need meaning in life.
Oh, but Isaac Newton messed us up with absolutes.
We got hooked on space and time.
We left continuity, symmetry and harmony
to writhe on the floor. It is high time
for really real relations, a new song.

@JuergenMoltmann “Rebirth is a process, like waking up in the morning, of deeper and deeper discovery of the fullness of the universe and our role with it. Can we reach back to the first moment of creation? Maybe. Can we grasp its essence? — the finite-infinite transform.”

Tuesday, December 30, 2019

@SenatorCardin Yes, calm things down. Marginal groups have beliefs that need to be addressed. Terrorism has no place in this world. The impeachment process has acerbated tensions everywhere and all those who want to take down the USA are trying to take advantage of it.   (Maryland)

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