The Gap: Five-tetrahedrons sharing an edge…

Another idiosyncratic concept:
Geometry creates quantum fluctuations

a little working document by Bruce Camber, May 2021

What if quantum physics can be reduced to geometry? That is an entirely idiosyncratic question because it is so out of line with current thinking. Yet, we have been out of line with geometry since the days of Aristotle. Remember how he said that the universe could be tiled and tessellated with just the tetrahedron? He threw scholarship off for 1800+ years. What other beliefs are holding us back? How about Newton’s absolute space and time? How about Stephen Hawking and Alan Guth and the world’s culture and their collective belief in the big bang theory?

The five-tetrahedron structure creates a gap and that gap is the beginning of quantum fluctuations observed in Notation-67. The densities within the first notations are blackhole quality. With such compression, perfection is easier than imperfection. Only recently have we have we been put on notice to calculate density levels across all 202 notations. The arc is slowly downward until we reach the density levels of today within Notation-202.

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