Quantum physics and a little perfection

Another Idiosyncratic Claim:
Perfection in Space-time

a little working document by Bruce Camber, May 2021

The perfection of the sphere is extended between the finite and infinite such that there is a domain of perfection that extends perhaps to Notation-50. There is a thrust for perfection which may have initially extended up to much later notations. Our most-speculative guess is that it is a variable that changes throughout time. At Notation-67 we have the actual measurements of quantum fluctuations.

Within the spheres themselves there are three facets of perfection:
1. The never-ending, never repeating numbers that redefine the nature of continuity,
2. The perfect symmetries defined by never-ending, never-repeating uniqueness that is always the same. Oxymoronic in its enigmatic expression, this unique definition of symmetry challenges us fundamentally.
3. Harmony: Deep within the sphere are periodic cycles, some pull inward and others push outward in a perfect balance that pervades all things everywhere. Perfections are the rule rather than the exception.

The Finite-Infinite relations… if we only could agree that the infinite is that same perfection that is found within the sphere and not bring emotional, colorful, and historic discussions to bear on it, more progress might be made.

There is much more to come… of course, the radical, idiosyncratic assertion here is that there is a domain of perfection within the earliest notations simply because compression, compactification and densities are so heighten, it is easier to have that perfection than to have fluctuations and differences. So, indeed, there is much more to come.

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